Wishing post for TLS social media pages for wishing Ramadan


Trade Links & Services wishes you and your family happiness and good health in the holy month of Ramadan.

May Allah bless you all with love , kindness, courage and strength that will help you to win every challenge in life!

This Holy month of Ramadan brings with itself peace, calm, self control, joy, gratitude and courage that enables oneself to strengthen from within. Festivals always brings joy and happiness of celebrating together with our loved ones.

While we rejoice the traditions, we also urge everyone to stay safe during this pandemic and good care of oneself and other by following the government directives on maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, avoid gatherings and using sanitization.

As we continue to fight against the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic,  Let us restrict the spread of infections as much as we can and shall ensure that we fast, we pray, we stay indoors, stay safe, and keep our families safe.

We continue to pray for the people who were unfortunate to be the victims of COVID-19, wars, and natural calamities. We again resonate, our prayer and thoughts with the families and loved ones.

Brief about Trade Links & Services (TLS) :

Over three decades of experience & expertise in all aspects of electrical & mechanical trading, building services and solutions & contracting for power transmission, distribution, and storage. The company’s combined experience exceeds 350 years. It generates 100 million US dollars in revenue through 700 active customer accounts. TLS has completed sixty substations in Oman from 1987. Since 2000, we have delivered five 132/33kV grid substations in Oman. Today, TLS built substations facilitate more than twenty percent of Oman grid stations.