Eid al adha Mubarak 2023

Trade Links & Services family would like to extend our warm wishes to you and your family on this cherished occasion of Eid al Adha, Mubarak! 

Eid Al Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, is one of the most important and cherished religious holidays in Oman and all over the GCC region. It holds deep cultural significance and brings together families, friends, and communities in a spirit of joy, unity, and devotion.  

It is a time when Muslims around the world commemorate the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God. It symbolizes unwavering faith and emphasizes the values of compassion, generosity, and selflessness. In Oman, this occasion is marked by a blend of religious observance and vibrant cultural practices. In the weeks leading up to Eid Al Adha, Omani households buzz with activity as families prepare for the festive occasion. Cleaning, decorating homes, and shopping for new clothes are common traditions. Additionally, people flock to souqs to purchase fresh produce, livestock, and other essentials for the upcoming festivities. 

Eid Al Adha is a time for acts of charity and giving. Many Omani families participate in the practice of Qurbani, the ritual sacrifice of an animal, which symbolizes Prophet Ibrahim’s act of sacrifice. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three parts: one for the family, one for relatives and friends, and the remaining portion is donated to those in need, including the poor and disadvantaged. 

Eid Al Adha brings families and friends together in Oman for special meals and joyful celebrations. Throughout Eid Al Adha, Oman comes alive with various forms of entertainment. Public spaces, parks, and beaches are filled with families enjoying recreational activities, picnics, and cultural events. Traditional music, dances, and folklore performances add to the festive ambiance, allowing people of all ages to immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Oman. 

Eid Al Adha holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Oman, representing a time of deep faith, unity, and compassion. As families and communities come together to celebrate, the spirit of giving, charity, and togetherness shines brightly across the nation. The Omani market is abuzz with activity during this festive season, showcasing traditional customs, delicious feasts, and cultural performances that reflect the rich heritage of the country. Eid Al Adha truly exemplifies the essence of Omani culture and serves as a joyous occasion for all. On this grand festive occasion, one more time please accept Trade Links & services humble wishes to you and your family.  

 Kullu am wa antum bikhair, (May you be well throughout the year) 

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