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Voltamp Energy – Feeder Pillars

Feeder Pillars

Manufacturer: Voltamp Energy
Location: Oman
Brochure: Click here

Feeder pillar’s act as a central circuit which controls and distributes electricity to outgoing circuits downstream to the feeder pillar. This setup provides each circuit protection, along with the capacity to be easily controlled. Similar to a junction box, feeder pillar’s protects people from coming into contact with live wires, as well as protecting wires from dust and dampness. Feeder pillars are mounted on the street and are used to control the electrical supply to houses in a neighborhood. Feeder Pillars are as per MHEW MOD & PDO, the range being
1600 AMPS 8 way feeder pillars
800 AMPS 8 way feeder pillars
400 AMPS 6 way Mini feeder pillars
Street Lightning Feeder pillars


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