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Electrotecnica Arteche Hermanos S.L. – Auxiliary Relays

Auxiliary Relays

Manufacturer: Electrotecnica Arteche Hermanos S.L.
Location: Spain
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Arteche plug-in auxiliary relays are designed to operate under demanding conditions, in locations where performance, reliability, and security are a must, being suitable for systems requiring the highest safety level: SIL-4. Our offer includes a complete range of instantaneous, latching, time delay and contactor relays to meet each application requirement. Latching relays are relays with 2 stable positions for the output contacts. Depending on which coil is energized, the output contacts will change from one position to another. Latching relays have no consumption in stable states, Ranges

R models: Trip and lockout relays, with electrical reset
RP models: Trip and lockout relays, with electrical and hand reset
BB models: Overvoltage protection in parallel with the coil


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