Mint & Coco

Mint & Coco

Project Details

Location: Mandinat Qaboos, Muscat
End User: Mint & Coco
Client: Good Outing International
Type Of Contract: Main contract
Brief Scope of work: Design, Supply & Installation of Hot Cooking Equipment, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Coffee Machines, Bar Equipment & Beverage equipment
Salient Features: Tecnoinox Cooking Equipment, Coreco Refrigerators, Laspaziale Coffee Machine, Colged Dishwashers etc
Start Date: 2017
Completion Date: 2018


Desert Night Camp (installation setup)

Fire Fighting / Solutions

Nandoos Restaurant

Fit Out / Solutions

RHOP, Harweel Pdo Camp

Food Service Equipment / Solutions

150 Housing Units

Solutions / Waterproofing