Upgrading Hafeet Primary Substation From 2x6MVA to 2x10MVA With 2 Nos. 33KV Tapping arrangements (Buraimi Governorate)

Project Details

Location : Hafeet
End User : Majan Electricity Company S.A.O.C
Client : Majan Electricity Company S.A.O.C
Type Of Contract : Main Contract
Brief Scope of work

: Upgrading Hafeet Primary Substation from 2x6MVA to 2x10MVA 

  with 2 Nos of 33kV Tapping.

Start Date : 02/05/2019
Completion Date : 23/07/2020
No of Incomers : 1 NoS. 33KV Feeder
No of outgoings : 11 Nos. 11KV Feeder
Busbar Configuration : 33/11kV Primary SS
Underground cable : 1200 Mtr of 33KV 1C x 630 Sq.mm. Cable
33KV Switchgear : 2 Nos of AIS
33/11.5KV Power Tx : 10 MVA -2 Nos.
11KV Switchgear : 13 Panels, 18.4KA/3Sec with 2000A


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