Our Team

One for all and all for one

Board of Directors

Our team of professionals and workers consists of over 600 people with a higher degree of accumulated experience and driven by strong leadership.

Ali Mohammed Mirza Al Ajmi


Hani Ali Mohammed Mirza

Managing Director

It's a time of phenomenal change in the world and this brings in giant opportunity. The Industries will change more in this decade than in the previous century. Trade links & Services (TLS) has & will embrace these changes to empower Oman. Our core competencies and strategic assets have challenged conventions, valued unrecognized trends by pioneering and leveraging innovation. Enriched productive minds at TLS have eliminated regional obstacles to ensure customer solutions. Connectivity, electrification & creativity links people and society, making lives easier and more convenient, TLS delivers this as a part of ‘in-country value’ today for a better future and our next generations.

Tariq Ali Mohammed Mirza


Principal Officers

10 nationalities speaking 15 languages and have a common purpose “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” One for all and all for one.

Magdy Abu Farag

Chief Executive Officer

Ability to provide practical solutions to our clients is crucial; it is the key to holistic solutions. For TLS, the future lies within Engineering Procurement & Construction. It’s a consolidation of a smart solution, materials, and engineering, rationally moving together towards innovative manufacturing and electro-mechanical end products. This work demands energy now more than ever and so must be engineered for efficiency. Thus, arises the need to sustain today to be profitable tomorrow.

Our personnel are pillars in TLS success. They turn everyday problems into possible realizations through process ownership. In the next five years, we would like to replicate our growth & add-value to Oman’s market by diversifying and empowering our TLS family first, the nation, the clients, and the stakeholders for a better future.

R.N Utture

COO - Chief Operating Officer


CHRO - Chief HR & Admin Officer

Srini Ethiraj

CFO - Chief Finance Officer

Rajankumar Keskar

CPO - Chief Projects Officer

Manoj Pudukudy

Division Manager – Lighting

Ashish Kumar Chaubey

Division Manager – Food Service Equipment

Sayed Samsamoddin

Division Manager – Solar


Division Manager – Civil

Nitin Sanil

Division Manager – HSE

K.V.N. Rao

Division Manager – Protection

Shyamal Kumar Nair

Warehouse & Supply Chain Manager

Mahalingam Pattabhiraman

Senior Manager- Electrical Projects

Waris Mohamad

Senior Project Manager

Justin McKeague

IT Manager

Jerish Anchil Jacob

MEP Manager

Vikram Kudrigi

Trading & Sales -Business Section Head

Gopala krishnan Ramanujam

Construction Manager