Renewable Energy

Solar Installer Grade: S3 Certificate Renewal by DCRP

We are delighted to announce that we have once again renewed the Solar Installer Grade (S3): All MV Plants Solar authorisation certificate from Distribution Code Review Panel (DCRP) by the continues efforts from our Renewable Energy Team.

As per DCRP qualification requirements we have renewed our electrical contractor “Grade: Excellent” to execute electrical works in electrical projects & solar grid connections. This certificate endorses our expertise in PV Plant Design and Installation, Network Assessment, Standards and regulations, Tools & Techniques for PV Plant Inspection. Trade Links & Services is Grade: S3 is the highest grade for eligibility to work on multi mega watt scale solar projects in Oman.

Situated on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman’s geographical locus is an added advantage for the Country to access Renewable Energy. Oman is yet to exploit capacities on renewable energy and seek to diversify the electricity generation and reduce the current dependency on diesel and gas.

The certificate authorises Trade Links & Services to continue Engineering, Procurement and Construction on Renewable Energy projects from small off-grid power systems up to multi mega watt scale across all terrains and environment of Oman from Muscat to Salalah, from Ibri to Duqm.

Trade Links & Services continues to perceive Renewable energy as one of the most important source of Energy productivity to satisfy the increasing demand of electricity in the Country. We would like to thank Distribution Code Review Panel for continuing the trust with Trade Links & Services and providing us a platform to furnish our best services in Oman.

You can find a copy of the documents by clicking here.

Brief about TLS Contracting:

Over three decades of experience & expertise in all aspects of electrical, mechanical and Renewable Energy contracting for power transmission, distribution, and storage. The company’s combined experience exceeds 350 years. It generates 100 million US dollars in revenue through 700 active customer accounts. TLS has completed sixty substations in Oman from 1987. Since 2000, we have delivered five 132/33kV grid substations in Oman. Today, TLS built substations to facilitate more than twenty percent of Oman grid stations and Renewable Energy Solutions.