New Grid Station at Madinat Barka and Al Khadra

New Grid Station

at Madinat Barka & Al Khadra

Project Details

Location: Dhofar Governorate
End User: Rural Areas Electricity Company (RAECO) and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar)
Client: TSK Group
Type Of Contract: Subcontract
Brief Scope of work: 1. Excavation,33 kV Cable & Fiber Optics cable laying to loop Wind Generator Towers with each other and to connect them to Substation and Installation of Wind Generator Transformers – 13 nos. & Installation of Terminations, earthing etc., Testing and Commissioning.
2. Construction of 132kV Double Circuit Over Head line.
Start Date: 12;05;2018
Completion Date: 15.07.2019


No of Incomers : 4 [Muladah & Al Filaj]
No of outgoings: 33kV GIS – 18 bays
Busbar Configuration: Double Busbar configuration
LILO: 60.00 Meters
No of Towers: 2
132kV : GIS 10 bays
132kV Power Transformer : 125 MVA
33kV Switchgear: AIS (20 bays)
Earthing Transformer: 315 KVA
Capacitor Banks: 20 MVAR
Control & Relay panels: 26 Nos
SCMS: 1204 IO Points
RTU: 1826 IO Points
HV AC Rating: 132kV – 2 x 345kW;
33kV – 2 x 248kW
Gantry Structure : Double circuit gantry for 4 feeders -YEW
Man-hours without LTI : 562,500
Peak Workforce : 165 Nos
Sub Station Building Size: 132kV Building – 1056 sq mtr;
33kV Building – 868 sq mtr.


Upgrading Hafeet Primary Substation From 2x6MVA to 2x10MVA With 2 Nos. 33KV Tapping arrangements (Buraimi Governorate)

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MEP / Projects

132/33kV Bedyah Grid Station

Projects / Transmissions

8 nos. 33KV Outgoing Feeders from Al Khadra Grid Station & Construction

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