2×6 mva primary substation

(33kv/11kv) with 33kv incomer feeders for (rop) special task force complex

Project Details

Location: Nizwa
End User: Mazoon Electricity Co. S.A.O.C
Client: Mazoon Electricity Co. S.A.O.C
Type Of Contract: Main contract
Brief Scope of work: Construction of 2x6 mva primary substation (33kv/11kv) with 33kv incomer feeders.
Start Date: 06/06/2016
Completion Date: 20/03/2017


No of Incomers: 1No. 33KV Feeder
No of outgoings: 4 Nos. 11KV Feeders
Busbar Configuration: Outdoor Gantry with Tubular busbar
Over headline: 33KV 10KMs, Panther conductor
No. of Poles: 288 Nos.
Underground cable: 14 Kms of 33KV 3C x 300 Sq.mm. Cable
33/11.5KV Power Tx: 6MVA -2 Nos.
33KV Onload Disconnector: 5 Nos.
11KV Capacitor Banks: 3 MVAR – 2 Nos.
33KV Auto Recloser: 2 Nos
11KV Auto Recloser : 4 Nos.
RTU: 1 No. (I/O Signals- 280)
Man-hours without LTI: 76890 hours
Peak workforce: 75 people
Substation building size: 50mx50m Boundary wall Plot
Duration: 9 Months


Construction of (33KV)Feeder from Farshat-Qatbeet

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2x6 Mva Ibra Rop Primary Substation (33kv/11kv) With 33kv Incomer Feeders

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